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Tanned To Perfection

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Ok, so with the great British summer officially over before it had a chance to start, I’m relying on my fake tan more than ever before to give me a glow(the Twilight thing really doesn’t do it for me)But which fake tan is best?Usually im not one for chopping and changing beauty products but for you loyal readers I’m taking the plunge into unknown (and possibly orange) territory.

Here’s a few that I’ve tried:

Johnson’s Holiday Skin (£4.99)

The original part moisturiser/part self-tan and possibly the best. Apply to your skin every day for 3 days for a slow, beautiful glow. I found it gave my naturally pale skin a realistic ,natural colour.The downside? To get a noticeable colour change quite a lot of the product has to be applied which left my skin sticky and uncomfortable to the touch and it took a long time to dry completely.

Garnier Ambre Solaire No-Streaks Bronzer. (£8.99)

The less said about this product the better. I scrubbed, applied carefully and did everything else possible to ensure a smooth even tan.However three hours later I was a streaky, orangey-brown mess.Eventually after scrubbing a bit more I was left with an ok colour but only after my brother had declared me “tangoed”.

Fake Bake Instant Self Tan Mousse (£24.99)

This fast drying tanner is my clear winner. Although a little fiddly to apply (making sure the mousse has covered everything being the most important) in this case, practise makes perfect.

Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs (£6.63 from Boots)

This is the perfect product for on-the-spot colour. Advertised as “make- up for legs” it aims to cover imperfections and blemishes on the legs without the hassle of tanning. If you’re on your way out and need some colour fast then this is for you!

Here are some tips to avoid tan faux pas:

  • Exfoliate. Applying self-tan to smooth skin means no embarassing patches or orange elbows.
  • Use a glove. No orange palms and nice even coverage! Try Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tan Mitt, £1.74 from Boots
  • Take your time! Start from your legs and work upwards, ensuring the product is applied evenly, and dont forget your back!
  • Wear old, loose clothing while the colour develops , jogging bottoms and a vest is my choice.
  • To avoid a tanning disaster,have a look in a mirror in a well lit room  before deciding whether to apply more product.Daylight is a lot more unforgiving than your bedroom mirror!
  • Moisturise to lock in colour. After false tan is applied, you should only need to re- apply once a week. Between these times moisturise with your favourite body cream to sustain your colour.

Happy Tanning!

Written by amylisam

August 18, 2010 at 8:12 PM

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