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Record Number Of Fake Designer Goods Seized

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City of London Police have broken up a multi international crime syndicate specialising in fake designer goods.

The multi-million pound haul included  highly sought after brands such as Nike, Ugg, Gucci, Coach,Cartier, Ralph Lauren and GHD.A record haul of more than 50,000 counterfeit designer goods, including clothing,trainers, handbags and hair straighteners, was confiscated during raids on 30 premises in London

About £350,000 in cash was also discovered and six people were arrested for conspiracy to defraud.

Police believe that the goods were imported from manufacturers in the Far East before being imported and stored in commercial storage facilities and exported as far abroad as America.

Brodie Clark, of the UK Border Agency, said fake goods rip off the public.

He said: ”People who make the mistake of buying cheap copies might think they are getting a bargain, but they don’t realise these goods are often dangerous and that the proceeds are often used to fuel serious organised crime.”

City of London Police said counterfeit crime cost legitimate British businesses £3.5 billion

Fake goods often try to imitate a popular brand(with varying levels of success) by copying styles cheaply at the cost of quality. E.g clothes that will only last one wash or those Ugg boots that make the wearer walk like a newly born duck.

I myself came close to buying some fake GHD’s over eBay not too long ago, I was all set to click ‘pay’ until I checked the seller’s feedback profile and found some very unflattering comments from ripped off buyers. “THESE ARE FAKE FAKE FAKE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER HE WILL RIP U OFF AND NOT REPLY TO UR EMAILS” being one of the more printable remarks.

So what is your opinion of fake goods? Do you see them as a harmless and cheap way to stay in fashion or do you think it damages brand credibility and just looks a bit trashy?

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March 20, 2010 at 9:10 PM

As London Fashion Week Ends…

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I’ve decided to do a round up of my favourite collections. Although I couldn’t afford the ticket price (who can?) Ive been able to enjoy the highlights of fashion week from my very own computer thanks to London Fashion Weeks website.

So here are my faves,with hyperlinks to the live shows where available:

Sass and Bide  -Tribal with a tailored twist


Mulberry -Denim, Tan & Leopard

Paul Smith

Think i’d better stop there: view the full range of catwalk galleries here

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February 24, 2010 at 1:54 PM

London Fashion Week

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This week sees the start of London Fashion Week (or London Fashion Week brought to you by Canon, to use it’s full name) and I personally cannot wait.I’m particulary looking forward to seeing 60’s inspired brand PPQ, Sienna Millers brand Twenty8Twelve,Burberry Prorsum as well as the usual wacky designs from design students at Central St. Martins.

However this years Fashion Week will have one noticeable absentee- British designer Alexander McQueen ,who last week took his own life after failing to cope with his mother passing away.McQueen was a truly inspirational designer, having won British Designer of the year an unprecedented 4 times.His death will no doubt cast a sombre mood over the week,where he was due to show his latest collection.On the day of his death, he was due to show at New York Fashion week.Since then,share reports have shown interest in Alexander McQueen clothes has skyrocketed and stores have been mobbed.Talk of an Alexander McQueen award has also been discussed at his former school. Central St Martins.

See the full list of what’s to come at LFW here and check back here throughout the week to see all the gossip!

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February 16, 2010 at 4:42 PM