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Sexually Charged Lipgloss

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Lip gloss masters and saviour of the thin lipped, Too Faced have this week released their latest creation,a lip gloss that changes colour depending on whether the wearer is happy,angry, jealous-or in the mood for sex.

‘Too Faced New Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss’, priced at 12 pounds, works with your body chemistry to  change from clear to deep crimson depending on how us girls are feeling and comes with a colour guide so your bloke knows when to stay away!

A press release on the Too Faced website says: Are you in love ,jealous, angry, happy or hot and bothered? Your lips will tell the tale and allow you to express yourself like never before, Mood Swing’s secret blend of essential oils allowing the colour s to change depending on your emotional state.”

Celeb fans include singer Katy Perry, engaged to randy funnyman Russell Brand.The lipgloss can be bought at Boots or

Do you think this new mood revealing lip gloss is a bit of fun or complete nonsense?Whilst I think it’s a bit of fun, I don’t think I’d want my mum to know if  I was feeling frisky! However I may buy it and test it out for your benefit!

Written by amylisam

March 15, 2010 at 7:20 PM